RIDING bikes vs. RACING bikes
Our Italian bikes are classified into two categories. Racing bikes and Riding bikes. There is a lot of overlap between these two styles. A good racing bike needs to be a good riding bike. After all, racers need speed, stability, good climbing and good descending qualities in their bicycles they also need comfort. The big difference between RACING bikes that a serious competitive rider needs, and the RIDING bike that an enthusiast is more about equipment, materials, specific needs for specific events, and price. A testament to the Ciocc bike lines is that all the models except maybe the extreme ones (entry level vs. top model) can cross over into both the riding and racing categories.

People who want to experience their riding environment while cycling are going to love a bike built in the Italian style. If you want to go out and FEEL the road below you, FEEL the bike respond to your input, and FEEL and experience the bicycle's many riding personalities you are very well suited to owning one of these babies. There will be times where you realise that your bike is in total control of you and your ride you are no longer steering it the bike is taking you along for a thrilling ride! You do not get this when you buy a cookie cutter commercial bike made on a production line. AND you certainly do not need to be a racer to enjoy these benefits and take full advantage of these fantastic bikes.


Italian "GEOMETRY"
Bikes using Italian GEOMETRY are heavily fit oriented. The general ride quality, personality and performance of the bike depend on the rider using the correct size frame and that the full bike is set up (fit) properly for them. This general rule applies to all bicycles, but has been lost or buried in recent years with the advent of production lines and robotic mass builders.
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2015 Devilry Race Disc

2015 Devilry Race silver/red