With a heritage as strong as Ciocc we have a real emphasis on the crafted quality of our bikes. With a wide range on offer including the stunning high end carbon Supremo and Devilry Race and a Vintage range of reissues from Ciocc glory days, the brand looks set to make its presence felt once again.

Ciocc is one choice that reflects the spirit of Italian made frames. Nothing rides like an Italian bike. No other frames have passion and soul built into them like genuine Italian craftsmen instill into their frames.

For fans of cycling and road bike, CIOCC is a brand that recalls the beginnings of the tradition of the artisan Italian made frame. During the 60s Italy is home to the birth of several workshops, competing with each other to create the best bikes. These brands will become the brands we all know and love and appreciated all over the world.

Part of buying a Ciocc is the trust and knowledge that the person building your frame is a MASTER ARTISAN consumed with making every bike he lays his hands on a piece of scientific, ride able art. Perfection is not the same as mass duplication!

People who want to experience their riding environment while cycling are going to love a bike built in the Italian style. If you want to go out and FEEL the road below you, FEEL the bike respond to your input, and FEEL and experience the bicycle's many riding personalities you are very well suited to owning one of these babies. You do not get this when you buy a cookie cutter commercial bike made on a production line. AND you certainly do not need to be a racer to enjoy these benefits and take full advantage of these fantastic bikes.

Italian Geometry

Bikes using Italian GEOMETRY are heavily fit oriented. The general ride quality, personality and performance of the bike depend on the rider using the correct size frame and that the full bike is set up (fit) properly for them. This general rule applies to all bicycles, but has been lost or buried in recent years with the advent of production lines and robotic mass builders.



Instant Classics - Ciocc 'San Cristobal' and 'Mockba 80' model frame sets. Columbus double butted, drawn tubing, micro fused brazing, polished seat and chain stays and cast lugs. Each with Columbus hand crafted embossed fork. Hand made in Italy.


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